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Praise for Being is Greater than Doing

“Ryan Lui beautifully unpacks the “best self, best life” philosophy in Being is Greater Than Doing. As I continue working towards empowering young girls, I will utilize the ideas in this book to remind girls that their journeys begin with who they are, not what they accomplish.”

Lindsay Sealey, MA. Ed.
Founder of Bold New Girls
Author of
Growing Strong Girls

“As a self-help content junkie, I really enjoyed this book. Throughout the book, the author sprinkled a mixture of pop culture and inspirational references. I could tell that he's been inspired by a wide range of influences, which I found impressive. The book is funny and realistic about self-improvement and the challenges that come along with it. I'd recommend this book for those who are seeking to be better versions of themselves.”

Timi Komonibo
Founder & Chief Philanthropist
Style Lottery

“Ryan's book is a definite page-turner! He speaks of serious topics, yet does it in a way that is not overwhelming and still keeps a light-hearted tone of voice. All the references used are relevant, and the stories he tells are relatable. I found myself not being able to put the book down because it was so insightful, humorous, and entertaining. If you want to learn how to grow, and need practical, actionable steps to do so, this is the book for you!”

Vanessa Ainsley
Blogger, Youtuber, Professional Trainer, and Vegan

“Ryan shares a refreshing, honest perspective on where we are at in society and culture, and how we can move into a more transparent, loving and deeply connective place within ourselves to live out the life we were destined to live.

He highlights our uniqueness as individuals and provides a strong practical application for how to live your best life through focusing on what he calls the four pillars of personhood; Awaken your passion. Embrace your pain. Own your power. Establish your principles.


I would recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck in life, wants a deeper perspective and is willing to take on a new challenge to see new and fulfilling changes in their life.”

Jill Matthews
Travel and Ethical Fashion Blogger suttonandgrove.com

“Author Ryan Lui, attacks a difficult subject on a high level. “Being is greater than doing” is an examination into who we are and who we would like to be. As entrepreneurs, it’s a good reminder to examine the human experience not just from our perspective, but to take a step back and see it through the eyes of the community we’re trying to serve. We would recommend reading this book if you’re hoping to learn how your choices are formed and how you can live your most authentic life.”

Sam and Leanne Chung
Founders of Elletourage.com

“I really enjoyed this read. I love the honesty and truth that’s Ryan speaks about himself. This allowed me to confront myself in some meaningful ways that I feel will help and benefit me in my life and the lives of those around me.”

Zak Kotinoff
Former Police Officer now Travel Blogger 

“Ryan's new book is a battle cry for this generation. In a world full of 140-characters and social media high-light reels, this book offers a compelling counter-intuitive approach to living. Being is greater than doing. I hope every millennial gets to read this book!”

Paul Sohn
Founder of QARA
Best-selling Author of
Quarter-Life Calling

“If you took every self-help, leadership, mentorship, and personal growth book out there and crammed into one book you would get ‘Being is Greater Than Doing’.

In our culture today we really want to get to what matters and Ryan does that perfectly in his book. Trust me when I say that no page is wasted! I found myself going back and re-reading pages because this book is that good.

Be prepared to become a better you #HereWeGo”

Keith Nath
Blogger and speaker